Monday, 21 April 2014

Films, Films, Films // Fab Five


I didn't do a very good job at the whole 'I will blog more this half term' did I? no. Although I've been off for two weeks I've only been out 3 days due to revising! But I have found the time to make this blog post! Today I'm going to talk about five films I've recently watched and have acutally loved!

1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
Okay, so I saw this at the start of the year but it was phenomenal. After the first film I was expecting quite a lot from this second film in the trilogy and it really did live up to my expectations. The acting from the whole cast is just brilliant and even new characters fitted in perfectly. One scene which I particularly loved was the 'fog' scene, without telling you all about it in case you haven't seen it, Katniss, Peeta and Finnick all try to escape a deadly fog and of course this is all done with special affects but the acting from these three very talented actors is just breath taking, you would think that there was actually a skin burning fog chasing after them and that they were actually in danger.

2. Frozen.
I wasn't one of the first people to see this film so last month I thought I would check it out to check out why everyone was raving about it so much! And to no surprise at all I loved it and ended up watching it multiple times on the weekend. My favourite Disney film is Tangled purely due to the fun characters and musical theme so this is now a close second. The characters are all so different; a harsh 'queen', a humble sister, a chilled ice seller and his excitable reindeer and who could forget the lovable snowman. All of these characters make you just fall in love with everything about the film, from the songs to the story line.

3. The Purge.
Now, I'm very late with this film partially because I had no idea on what it was about but the other day I decided to put it on and have it on whilst I revised...I ended up not revising. The Purge is something completely different to any film out there and I am glad to hear that there will be a second one out there. With plot twists through out the film it keeps to on the edge of your seat and wanting to watch until the end. I strongly recommend this film as it's slightly thrilling but you can still watch it alone, as I did. 

4. The Quiet Ones.
A horror. Now personally I quite like horror films as they're kind of like a rollarcoaster in the sense that you feel fear but want to carry on. After seeing The Conjuring I think I am able to watch any horror in the cinema and I'm lucky enough to have a best friend who is willing to sit through any horrors with me. One thing that interested me about this film was one of the main characters; Sam Claflin who is also know as Finnick in The Hunger Games, I really wanted to see if he was as good in a horror and to see how versatile he is as an actor and he was brilliant. The story line of this film is one of the best I've seen in a horror film with twists and turns throughout. 

5. One Direction: This Is Us. 
I've never been a massive One Direction fan especially when they first came about, I really didn't see what was so special about them but recently I've really quite grown to them and thought that I might as well watch their film. It was definitely nice to see the boys a bit more relaxed and 'themselves'. Although there was a lot of concert footage I think it would be nicer if each of the boys had a section of just them talking to a camera. All in all it was an enjoyable film/documentary and I think you should definitely watch it for an in sight to their lives.

Yes, this blog post was quite short today but I didn't want to make the list too long! Having school start again soon and the months passing by I've got a few more exciting blog posts planned for the months ahead so watch this space!

Until next time!
Shannon xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Top Ten Tuesday // Life Favourites


Back again and I hope you enjoyed the last post a favourite of mine to do to be honest! I thought for today I would do my most recent, top ten favourites. 

1. Starting us off is an Australian band...5 Seconds Of Summer.
After hearing 'She looks so perfect' on the radio so much the last couple of months, I decided to look them up on YouTube (That's where they started) and ever since I have been somewhat obsessed with them; including the drummer. Their genre is pop-punk and you can see that they really are in it just for the music. Below are two links, one to their debut single and one to another song they've made.
Debut single - She Looks So Perfect.
Another song - Heartbreak Girl.
(L-R) Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford.

2. Dare I say it but...Pinterest. 
I have to admit, I have had a love/hate relationship with Pinterest because I just had no idea how to use it and believe me, it STRESSED me out! After spending about half an hour trying to find people I wanted to follow I actually found that I liked it. After finding some beautiful dresses that was! Pinterest is said to be another version of Tumblr, and I am still more of a Tumblr person but the main advantage of Pinterest is that if you want to find something you've re-pinned then you can find it straight away but with Tumblr you could scroll for hours and never find what you're looking for.

Gosh, I watched series 1-4 over the last week and now that I'm finished and have to wait for series 5 to be added to the boxset, I don't know what to do with my life. Obviously I could watch series 5 online but the quality just won't be the same. The humour in Modern Family is my absolute family, it's very lighthearted but at the same time sends out a message. My favourite character being Phil, makes it even funnier and wish that my dad was a bit dopey and childish like him.

4. Moving onto jewelry and Midi rings!
When these first came into fashion I thought they were pointless and meaningless but now look at me; putting them in a favourites! I think they're really nice as an extra assessory even if you have normal rings on as well. I have both gold and silver midi rings and think that they are a cute touch to any outfit, they also really fit with the bohemian sort of image which is my all time favourite!

5. Bandanas.
Now, is this a phase? Is this because of seeing Ashton Irwin (drummer of 5seconds of summer) wear them? I don't know but it seems that whenever I french-plait my hair, I end up putting a bandanna on and some day's it will look alright, others...I look like a complete and utter fish, but all I know now is that I want to buy more, and that is never good considering I'm saving up money to buy concert tickets!!

6. Barry M Gelly.
This nail polish is perfect for just quickly painting your nials last minuite and wanting them to dry quickly! This nail polish is quite thick so you normally only need one coat meaning it drys super quick which is always a main factor for me when I look for nail polishes.
I use the colour 'Lychee' because I like just a plain nude colour sometimes.

7. Soap&Glory 'The Righteous Butter'
This is the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used. I got it for my birthday last year, and it just makes your skins feel amazing! It's also a long lasting product as I have had it for five months and still have half a tub! Mainly due to you only needing a small bit of the product for it to last hours! I notice that if I lotion after a shower with this I can still feel it having an effect on my skin hours after. Amazing product.

8. Vine.
Yes, an app! I love going onto Vine just before bed and checking out all the recent videos although only 6 seconds they can be so hilarious and creative! If you don't have vine then I strongly reccomend it and some people to follow for bundles of laughs would be: 
- Curtis Lepore
-Jack and Jack
-Brent Rivera
-Magcon Boys (Includes Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Mathew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds &more!)
-Brandon Calvillo

9. Kimono's!
Another fashion piece this time. If you don't know what it is then a Kimono is an extremely lightweight cardigan type of clothing. Originally meant as a piece of nightwear they have now been made too be fashionable and perfect for both summer and spring. A perfect example of one is this:
kimono wrap, lace bralette, crochet shorts
This particular one found on Pinterest.

 Of course there is a music related point and recently there are four points to this! My absolute faves The Vamps have released their debut album 'Meet The Vamps'. Now a lot of the time a bands first album might not be amazing and I worried a bit that it wouldn't really be 'them' or be 'their type of music' but I had nothing to fear as they delivered an absolutely amazing album with a mixture of acoustic songs, fun 'dancy' song and even one or two ballads. Brilliant!

- Now this is slightly different for my type of music but Disclosures album 'Settle'. It's really upbeat and personally I think it's a great album for just simply listening to, parties and even exercise as it's so upbeat.

- Bombay Bicycle club, I've written about their new album multiple times in previous blogs so I needen't say much about it, but all there is to say is that I'm still loving it and it's just perfect for the hot weather and relaxing.

- Paolo Nutini. During some intense revsion throughout this week I've gone through lot's of different albums and artists and at one point I decided it would be a good idea to listen to some of Paolo Nutini's old stuff. Best decision this week, after now rediscovering my love for Nutini which stemmed from a young age I am excited to listen to his new album which seems promising after hearing his new song; Scream (Funk My Life Up).

These are links so all the albums on iTunes if you like the 'sound' of them;)
The Vamps -Meet The Vamps
Disclosure - Settle
Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow
Paolo Nutini -Caustic Love

Well! This turned into a pretty long blog post didn't it?! I apologise if anyone found it boring and too long but I do hope some of you found it useful! Let me know if you liked any of the things I mentioned and if you have any questions drop me a comment or tweet me ! (@shanrobinsonn) Hopefully next time I can include more books! I've just been swimming in revision and haven't had anytime to read:(

Shannon xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dear 18 Year Old Me.

Hello again!

Today I thought I would do something a bit different.Usually this topic is done in a YouTube video and I first saw it done by MusicalBethan. (You can find that video here! Don't let the name of the video deceive you!)
It's basically where you say what you hope to happen before or by a certain age; in this case when I'm 18. But due to this being a blog and not a YouTube channel it might seem a bit different but who know's, maybe in an alternate universe somewhere in the world I might have a YouTube channel in the future...yeah right. 

- Firstly, I hope to have a job. I did apply for about seven different jobs this weekend and although I will probably not get any of them, it's a start! But for real, I would like to be earning my own money by the age of eighteen. Whether it's in a supermarket, hairdressers or in retail it's still a way of earning money.

- Next? Driving license please. My main aim is that by January next year I will have enough money to start driving lessons and then by the age of 18 I can legally drive. In a perfect world I would have a mini cooper but I will by no means have the money to buy one so maybe by like 25 I'll have one?...

- Thirdly, I want to have applied to a journalism college. Having already started looking at different places I am hopeful that this is an easy target but it will definitely be one of the hardest I think. Most of my friends will probably go off to university so we'll all go separate ways and to me that's a really scary thought.

- FOURTH! Now considering the last point this may seem out of place but I want to have decided whether or not I'm having a gap year or not. Do I have a year away from education and have some FREEDOM? Or do I carry on education and get it out of the way??

- Been to more concerts. Now that I know I can go to a standing concert with someone and not feel scared or fearful of being there it's made me realise that I can do more things like that. Also meaning I will need more money for gigs...going back to point one!

- Go to the gym on a regular basis. Considering I'm renewing my membership there this week, I'm hoping that I can get there at least twice a week, three if I'm lucky. And since I finish school mid June I will have plenty of time to go. So there is no excuse. 
Linked to the gym point, I am aiming to look into doing the Cancer Research 'Race For Life'. I've said for a while now that by the time I'm 18 I want to have started training to do it. It's supports such an amazing charity that is close to everyone's hearts and I think it would be amazing to be part of whilst raising money for it.

- At 18 I hope I'm still doing dance, whether it means dropping one type and starting another I hope that I'm still active in dance and stay on at the Joyce Butler School Of Dance.

- Piercings. Even though I am hoping to get these done in a few months these will still be on the list. By the age of 18 I want to have my nose and tragus pierced...who know's there might even be another ear piercing after that...

Tragus Piercing.
- LONG HAIR. After foolishly dying half of my hair blue/green last year, it ended up in it being awfully damaged and me cutting it, leaving it quite short. Having shorter hair is definitely different but I've started to like it but that doesn't mean to say that when I see my best friend with awfully long flowing hair I don't feel a pang of envy! So I hope that by the age of 18 I maintain it's healthiness and increase it's length...
- Lastly, when I'm 18 I hope to still be blogging and reply to this blog.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I'm pretty sure that all schools are on a break now? If you are then I hope you're enjoying it immensely but if you're not then...enjoy school??? Although I would love to be going out and doing things this half-term, I have revision and am pretty sure my friends are also too busy revising to do anything but it must be done?
A representation of me revising.
Until the next blog post!
Shannon xx