Sunday, 16 October 2016

Guess who's back // The Start of Something New


Yes, yes I know it has been a while once again but what can I say, A-levels will drown out any spare time you have and the time you do have you’ll probably use for a nap.

So what has changed? Well as I write this I sit in my new communal kitchen which I share with 10 other flatmates because yes I made it to university. I now reside in The University of Hertfordshire studying English Language and Communication with Journalism and Creative writing, a very literal course I know.

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Having lived here for three weeks now I am fully settled and soon coming to terms with having to wake myself up for lectures and having to remember that I have food in the oven, but I’m getting there. If you cannot tell, yes part of this blog's title is a High School Musical song, so if that does not highlight my readiness for university then I do not know what will. University is a really big step for most people as you’re moving away from home, friends and family but everyone was in the same boat so it was nice to know you’re not alone.

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The day I moved in was both extremely exciting and nauseating due to both nerves and car sickness mixing together. As soon as I got to my flat I was greeted by the friendly face of one of my flatmates and instantly put at ease. Since then, I’ve been able to mingle and learn who I am comfortable around in classes, my flat and day to day life. Finding a secure group of people to be with is probably one of the essentials I would advise to anyone starting uni as it helps so much when you are homesick and in need of a friend.

At the end of my second week, I’ve fully started my classes and started to embrace uni life as I gather my bearings and consequently get my life in order. Whilst A-levels caused a slight hiatus on here I’m hoping to find the time for weekly blogs once again so keep an eye out and thanks for reading once again!
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Until next time,

Shannon xx 

Friday, 6 May 2016

A Two Type Species // Intro or Extro?

Back again!

Two months later and I return with a blog to entice the mind and get those cogs working! Maybe anyway. Today I write with the ideology of the human race being made up of two key concepts; being an introvert or an extrovert. 

Simply speaking, the formal definition of an introvert means to be on the shyer side of life with a creative personality fuelled by ones own individual energy and often finding social encounters more difficult and some what draining. Of course, it is easy to say that an extrovert is the straight up opposite. Energised by social situations and often confident within themselves in the outside world.

Exhibit A and B

It may be simplistic of me to say that an entire population can be categorised into two character types but I do believe this is an accurate scale for this species anyway. On this scale, I myself would sit in the middle of intro and the centre of the scale. I would opening say I am an in the closest extrovert, meaning when I first meet people or am in social situations which are new to me I am extremely closed and shy but after a few times of experiencing the same situation or meeting the same people, I creep out of my hollow shell and become somewhat quite the extrovert as my confidence grows. Of course, being introduced to new things or people is nerve-wrecking for everyone but it is understandable that some are more shy or outgoing than others. We are all different after all.

When writing this blog, I totalled up some of the stereotyped issues with these two categories, starting off with introverts. Much of the time these people can be mis-judged for being anti-social and moody because they do not jump at the opportunity to be your new best friend, when in reality they are just shy and need approaching like a new puppy. 
On the other hand, extroverts can often be perceived as loud and 'in your face' individuals. This again is not the case for they are often just eager to socialise and confident in doing so.

This is a common mis-understanding...  
First impressions can be critical when meeting new people and if they are shy and reserved some people believe that an individual will always be like that thus not delving further into that persons personality and watching them open up and evolve. Similarly, if someone if overly excited or confident when first meeting them it can be deemed as intimidating or even threatening but I believe that it should be taken into account that you cannot judge someone upon first impressions. Yes, you may get their overall aura from meeting them but you cannot gather a full judgement of someone's character in this period!

Now then, I am sure there is a psychological explanation regarding the cause of one being on either end of the spectrum but this is not important in my mind. Whether you sit on one end of the scale or the other, at the end of the day it doesn't really matter does it? If everyone was an extrovert then I'm sure we would have a very loud and tiring world but if we were all introverts then we may infact be the loneliest planet. I guess it is best to say that opposites attract and whether you classify as introvert, ambivert or extrovert the three categories were made to mix and make us all a bit more interesting! 

Well, that wraps today's blog up and to be fair it has taken me three days to write what should be a simple one! I hope you enjoyed this little return of my blog and it got you thinking as I had hoped. As I say in everything I write, I've got some blogs planned and will be back again soon!! 

Until then,
Shannon xx 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Uni Or No Uni // YOU Decide

Hello! Back again,

Today’s blog I feel is relevant to many people, particularly those around my own age as this is your deciding year as to how you will live in the forthcoming future. That somehow makes it sound terribly scary, and it is but it does not need to be!

Of course the number one topic of discussion is whether or not you will be attending university or not. Many sixth forms and colleges I know rather force the idea of uni into your head as a young adult and I for one can say that it is exhausting constantly being reminded that this is the toughest year of your life etc. Personally I was never one who desired to go to university from a young age, I also pictured myself taking a gap year, travelling certain countries and living a fun and adventurous year. Then reality kicked in.

At 18 I understand how hard it is to afford a single holiday let alone visit multiple countries at once. I mean I struggle to afford weekly life as it is! I always believed that university was not for me, I did not see myself to be intelligent enough or the type of person that would fit in at uni. But I guess this all changed when I received the wakeup call that I in fact needed a degree to make my life a bit easier and get that dream job of mine. Would I like it if I did not have to go to university? Maybe. Am I optimistic about what uni might bring? Definitely.

I know that many people in my year are still undecided as to whether this is the path they want to take and there are a few now deciding to take a gap year. Many people however, are taking the apprenticeship/intern ship route as well as going straight into work. This is another perfectly fine way to start your life after college. I too have thought about deferring my entry and starting a year later, but why wait? The sooner I start, the sooner I finish and that’s all you need to think as the end goal.

Of course university is not everyone’s cup of tea and as previously mentioned, it was not mine either initially! I wanted to start an apprenticeship and guide my way up to the career I dream of, but sometimes what you may see yourself doing is not going to be the ideal reality of it all.  Education might not be a delectable pass time for everyone and that is normal! We are not made to all think and do the same thing.

The main and most important thing I believe when making this decision is knowing that it is your decision to make. Of course parents, teachers and even friends might prove to be an influence but if what you are doing is making people around you happy but not you, is it really worth it? I do not think so! Whilst I am fortunate enough to have parents that have not pressured me into any specific direction in my life I know it can be difficult in choosing the right path because you want to make other people proud of you. All in all, I believe that if you make your own choice in life and control it the way that makes you happy, then that is enough to make anyone proud of you. It is your life in the end and you choose how to life it. Uni or no uni! 

I guess that is a positive little ending for you today! 

Until next time,
Shannon xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Year of Possibilities // Hello 2016


Happy new year one and all! I hope you celebrated it well and are looking forward to the forthcoming year! I personally celebrated with a small handful of my favourite people and had an amazing new year’s eve, filled with drinks, fireworks and good music. All you need at new years to be honest.

Of course the new year brings all of the “New year new me” statements and cliché resolutions about trying to lose weight or become a health freak. Whilst these are completely normal resolutions and I myself am also bidding on these, there are so many different ideologies you can interpret into your life as a new year resolution.

For example, this year I am trying to become more spiritual and in touch with myself through meditation and yoga. Something so simple to do but can also create such a difference in both my life and those around me. The yoga is being entwined with of course a new year’s workout scheme but this time it is here to stay as there are holidays and leavers proms to be in shape for this year!  I believe that the main reason for new year’s resolutions is to make a change that will benefit you more than those around you. If there is something you know is making you unhappy…CHANGE IT. Go into the new year with an optimistic outlook on things and leave all of your loose ends in 2015. Dare I say it; new year really can mean a new you.

One thing I tried one year was writing down all the positive things I accomplished throughout the year and kept them in a jar. This makes a good read for new year’s eve and helps you reflect on what should be celebrated as a great year. Personally, I have things to look forward to such as gigs, holidays and celebration events. For starters I am seeing The Libertines at the end of the month at the O2 which is seriously exciting! I am hoping to go to Malta for my group holiday this year as well as a short break in Amsterdam hopefully! As an upper sixth student I also has the leavers ball to look forward to, which is basically prom and the final time I will be around a lot of people, but will be celebrating it with my best friends.

All in all, you shouldn’t see the new year as a burden or the last year as just another year gone, it really is just another chapter in your life coming to an end and a new one beginning, what happens is entirely up to you! This year I am documenting every single day in a tiny book, so by 31st December 2016, I have a book of 2016, good and bad.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and embrace the new year with open arms! As well as the heck load of blogs I am hoping to get going in the next few months! 

Until next time, 
Shannon xx