Sunday, 16 July 2017

What Has Been Happening // An Update

Hello and yes it has been ages since my last post!!

Having finish my first year at university I became very laxed with blogging and just enjoyed my free time but I am back bring you updates and hopefully some interesting bit and bobs to light for you! 

Of course, music is a big part of both this blog and myself so the first thing I want to talk about is Community festival. This was a gig based in Finsbury Park; 1st July 2017 and was focused around both new music and those already out and about including classics such as The Wombats and Catfish and The Bottlemen. I went with my boyfriend and we met my friend from uni and her pals, whilst it is safe to say it was pricey for food and  drink it was the chilled and best day I think I have had. Whilst there were bands we did not like on we just sat on the grass area catching some rays and chilling out drinking, and then we would make our way down to the standing area to get both better views and vibes for the bands we wanted. The moments of just standing there and singing along to some of my favourite songs with some of my favourite people was the absolute bestest and this was obvious of my snapchats! 

Secondly, I got a new job and thank god because being a student I think we all understand the sinking feeling of delving deeper and deeper into our overdraft. Previously I have had roles in retail in stores such as Waitrose and Superdrug but this customer servicing can become repetitive so I headed over to reception work and am now based as a front desk assistant at a swanky hotel. A very different role with a bit more responsibility but either way a job is a job, I like the people I work with and payday is a bonus I guess...

Now possibly the most exciting part; I went to Budapest, Hungary for a week with my boyfriend and his friends and it was so great and quick that I want to do it all over again and I only got back 4 days ago! The city of Budapest is very quaint and slightly old fashioned adding to the culture which is expected. Whilst we were there we of course visited the SzĂ©chenyi bath spas, natural history museum and went on some lengthy walks to some beautiful places including the park which holds the garden of light. It is safe to say that the Hungarian night life was quite a lively one and if you were going out, you needed to be up and buzzing for it, and if you weren't then you would soon be into it! A trip of 5 days away was just what I needed after finishing uni and going straight into work and I would definitely recommend going there! 

Currently? I am planning what to do next and going with the flow. Next week I will be seeing Jack Whitehall live, I have a barbeque and drinks on the weekend and hopefully a few more things will line themselves up! (Including another break away if possible) 

Hope this quick post was enough to liven this blog up again for a while and I'm currently working on a blog post on the do's and don'ts of university for prospecting students so keep and eye out for that! 

Until next time,
Shannon xx 

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